SLS Translations Established in 1997

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We are retained by many large companies; the majority require the strictest secrecy with the documents that require translation. We have carried out projects for some of the most famous medical research institutes, medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies, international law firms, and so on.

All our staff understands the need for the highest levels of confidentiality when they start working with us. All documents are destroyed (both electronic and hard copies) at the end of each project. We will retain an electronic copy of the completed translation should the client request us to do so. All electronic copies are kept in a securely protected folder that is only accessible by the project manager or partner, until we are asked to destroy the files by our client.

We would usually only be requested to keep electronic copies in a very large project that might span a period of months, for example, a large legal case whereby copies need to be retained as some documents may be duplicated and/or reference need to be made of them.

We insist at all times that client satisfaction with our work is uppermost with all the work that we carry out, whether it be a small one page assignment or an assignment that involves thousands of pages.

As you would expect, we are a company that has translators and other staff from around the world. We cherish those employees who work with us and have proved themselves very capable of carrying out the assignments handed to them, meeting deadlines set for them and most importantly, the quality of their work cannot be faulted.

We have translators, editors and proofreaders who have their own specializations and only those translators, etc. will be selected where their fields of expertise match the assignment criteria. Our translators only translate into their native language. Another translator will edit the translation and finally a native of the target language will proofread the completed translation for accuracy in language usage, grammar, and so on.

The completed translation is only passed to our client once the quality assurance process has been carried out. Any changes or questions with the completed translation are then carried out by the client until the client is completely satisfied with the finished product.